Client Services


Celebrate an important moment, or even just an ordinary moment, with a portrait session!  Family photos, a new season, new arrivals on the way, milestones like graduation and engagement:  there are so many reasons to commemorate a time in your life with a photograph.  

Full session digital photography only:  $450 + 8.25% sales tax (time beforehand for us to plan togetherup to 2 hours with me and my camera, and you will receive all of the good shots via flash drive, plus a link where you can order prints)

Full session film and digital photography:  $550 + 8.25% sales tax (same as above, with the extra fee to cover film and development costs, plus the extra time involved in processing, scanning, and cleaning the negatives)

Mini session digital photography only:  $150 + 8.25% sales tax (for things like bluebonnet pictures and holiday card photos, up to 45 mins with me and my camera, with you receiving all the good shots, a flash drive, and a link for ordering prints)


Having a party?  Invite me and my camera!  I'll get all the shots so you can just focus on your guests and having a good time. 

2-3 hours of documentary digital photography:  $500 + 8.25% sales tax (shorter times for a reduced price are also available; please contact me)

2-3 hour party digital photo-booth:  $600 + 8.25% sales tax (I'll bring the props!  Shorter times for a reduced price are also available; please contact me)

Personal documentary: a day in the life

I love real life.  I think it's beautiful, because it is so authentic and true.  Documentary photography and visual storytelling have been my passion for almost 20 years.  Every family, every individual, is unique and has a wonderful, interesting story all of its own.  Let me work with you to tell yours in pictures.  I will spend up to 12 hours with you, either at your home or out, photographing the day as it happens, and you will receive an unscripted record of that day to look back on forever.  

Contact me for pricing.

Web Content

Need some photographs for your business website?  I would love to help you get the content that you need, to help your site, and your business, grow and glow.  I am available for this work on an hourly basis.  Contact me for a consultation and pricing.