The gents who do the Large Format Photography Podcast were kind enough to invite me for a chat lately. Check out the result here ! And be sure to check out Simon and Andrew’s work online. You can find all their social media, etc links in the podcast link. It was a pleasure speaking with them - but then again, is it ever a difficulty for me to shoot the breeze about photography? Of course not! In honor of this momentous occasion (I certainly never thought I’d be on a podcast) I’ve updated my website to include some of my large format photography work. I don’t know why it was missing before. . . . . . I guess there’s only SO much room on a site and I seem to have my fingers in so many photographic pies that it’s a challenge to remember to share slices of all of them. So, enjoy : )


PS I had my view camera out this week in Round Rock, battling the heat but thankfully no wind that day. Because what else would a photography-crazed girl do on her 43rd birthday besides haul a big old wooden camera around? Results soonish, when it’s cool enough to work in the darkroom. . . .