Polaroid Originals Beta Film

Recently I got an email from Polaroid Originals saying that they had some beta film available for purchase. . . . I’ve secretly always hoped to be the kind of photographer who gets to help test new films, and ok I had to pay for the privilege and no doubt in this case I’m just one of hundreds, but the prospect was beguiling enough for me to immediately say yes. I do love using my One Step 2, after all.


The black & white film was sold out already, so I snapped up some of the color. It’s still summer and anyway we have no shortage of sunny days in Texas year round. This pack was the first I exposed; I took it with me on a solo trip to the water park, since I knew I wouldn’t be holding anyone up by photographing and also there are bright colors aplenty there.

Pioneer film beta 19-01 roll 1 (5).JPG

This first image was a preview of what was to come: it seemed strongly blue, and also very contrasty. I wasn’t sure if it was just me, but a fellow photographer sent me a message saying that the pack he used was fairly purple, and I noticed when I sent in feedback that the film was indeed geared toward blue.

The black protective card from that pack of film said “Wish you were Here.” It took me a long time to realize that these little sayings were supposed to be creative prompts; it’s a nice touch and I’m glad I’ve saved them all. . . . . I should write them down. . . . . This one in particular was appropriate since I was very much wishing other members of my family were with me that day, enjoying the water.

The final photo in the pack I made at home, trying it out on something green and in a completely different lighting situation. The light that comes in my kitchen window makes me happy, especially when it hits the ivy in the morning. This photo doesn’t really show it in all its glory, but it works to my eyes as its own thing.

Pioneer film beta 19-01 roll 1 (4).JPG

More beta examples to come eventually!