Large format pinhole!

I have experimented with a pinhole “lens” board my Dad made me for my Crown Graphic, but haven’t been completely satisfied with the results and also haven’t been particularly excited about doing pinhole work with that camera: if I am going to go to the trouble of hauling it around, I would rather just make the usual type of photographs. Enter Ondu Pinhole’s latest kickstarter campaign! I jumped at the chance to purchase one of their newest generation of large format pinhole cameras, and then sat back down and waited with varying amounts of patience for the campaign to come to fruition. It took a while, but good things often do. The camera arrived the day after my birthday - happy dancing all around!


My Mom just happened to be in town that day, and obligingly let me use her as a test subject. I made two exposures, which you can see below, using the off-center pinhole for the second one.

These test results were all I needed to be ready to take the camera on a photowalk with friends in downtown Austin. I used the exposure chart for the first couple shots and then decided to wing it. Fortunately that worked out mostly well. I had a tripod with me for once, and only got fussed at in one location for setting it up. “Private property,” said the security detail guy. “Not allowed.”

Aside from Congress Avenue, the parts of Austin we walked around were so foreign to me I may as well have never seen them before. When did this place become so urban? When did they manage to turn the downtown of the “weird” city into something that kinda feels like Manhattan? The new architecture is, at least, very photogenic.

These sculptures are also something I could photograph repeatedly. The top one is blue and reminded me of Cookie Monster.

They are still building in downtown Austin, and we will keep visiting it with our cameras!

All photographs Ondu 4x5 rise and Ilford HP5 in DK50 developer, tray processed, for those who care to know.