Into the West: One pack of Black & White I Type Polaroid Film

Following on from last week’s post, where I shared one pack of Color I Type Polaroid film all exposed the same day, this week I am sharing one pack of Black & White I Type Polaroid film, exposed in a similar fashion. All but the last image were made in the same place: Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

This was the second National Park we visited on this trip, and it was fabulous! It might have been my favorite - not that I am any good at picking favorites, but it was wonderful being in a park that wasn’t jam packed with people, didn’t require a huge amount of hiking to see the highlights, and was honestly so visually stunning that it took my breath away every single time I looked. We went in via the lesser used entrance, and high 5’d each other for a choice well made when we saw a huge tour bus pull up on the opposite side. We also were fortunate with the light; it happened to be shining on the far canyon walls, which is good for photography!

into the west Black Canyon of the Gunnison 2019 Polaroid b&w (4 of 7).jpg

The trail we followed was full of pinon and cedar trees. I could have spent the entire day just photographing those. Something tells me there are many, many frames of them on the roll film that waits to be developed.

The play of light on the rock of the canyon itself was wonderful to see. This photo is badly exposed; I turned the flash off to try and keep it from being overexposed but it still ended up that way. . . . . guess I need to re-read the manual. . . . but what I wanted to capture was the shadowy fingers reaching up toward the sky, so I suppose it’s kindof a win.

into the west Black Canyon of the Gunnison 2019 Polaroid b&w (1 of 7).jpg

It was surreal driving the road along the edge of the canyon, knowing the river roared far below, looking out at the surrounding landscape dotted with mesas as if no water had ever interrupted the earth there. The guide we picked up talked about how the canyon was a place to feel time, a place beyond time, outside of it - the geology nerd in me was blown away by the idea of how long it took for the layers of rock to be laid down in the first place, followed by how long it took that river to make its indelible mark there. I loved it!

The final photograph in the pack was made in Gunnison itself. I can’t say exactly why I chose this, besides finding it unusual to have seen so many payphones still available for use in Colorado. Also, the truth is that in general I have a thing for relics.

into the west Gunnison, CO 2019 Polaroid b&w (1 of 1).jpg