Making new

I know I said I was going to quit making things because I’m out of space and it’s driving me nuts, but you can’t turn off the desire to create. Sometimes the inspiration phone rings, and it’s cyanotypes on the line. When that call comes, well, you go out in the darkroom & coat what was left of your stock of watercolor paper (I’m out now, hello Jerry’s!). Then you hop on your bike even though your legs are sore & you’re filthy and itchy from your morning run, and ride down to the place where you saw all the wildflowers. I came back home with a small box of treasures that kept me busy for a good 2 hours, using the sun to make new work.

It has been a gorgeous, long wildflower season here in Texas. It’s something we pride ourselves on, but we don’t always get it if the fall rains don’t just about annihilate us with flash floods. I’ve never really honored them with cyanotypes before, so I guess it was high time.

The hot sun helped me preserve their shadows forever on paper, in a bed of blue. Shadows, with the memory of them blowing in the wind in the field by the reservoir, like the memory of so many beautiful late May days.

Happy creating, friends! Hope your own inspiration hotline starts ringing off the hook.