Day at the Museum

At the beginning of April, when my daughter was out of town, I went out of town to visit my friend.

This might not sound significant, but it was remarkable for me for a number of reasons:  I rarely am able to spend time with my friends, I rarely go away for weekends, and I hadn’t seen this particular friend for over a year.  There’s nothing quite like mothering an adolescent to make you feel a bit bogged down by routine & schedule, as well as the Least Important Person on Earth.  A glorified chauffeur, assistant, chef, servant, and whipping post, yes, but not particularly significant beyond that. But while the cat’s away, this mouse got to play.

We went to see Sally Mann’s A Thousand Crossings.  This was also remarkable for in that for once I actually managed to see an out of town show that held some degree of meaning for me.  (I know very little about Sally Mann, although I often get the feeling that this isn’t something I should admit. I was ready to join the Club of Those Who Seem to Know.)

While I am glad I got to see the exhibition, just the wonderful experience of visiting the Museum of Fine Arts with my friend would have been enough.  Austin doesn’t have anything like it, and having been spoiled rotten for a number of years living in places like London and New York (within walking distance of the Met), I really miss having a big museum to visit regularly.  I had forgotten what a heady thing it is. Setting aside the works of art, which are terrific of course, I always find the museum buildings themselves to be so visually stimulating, with beautiful light reaching into nooks & crannies, and the people are always so artfully placed by time and circumstance into that light.  

Photographing inside a museum’s doors would be enough for me, even if I wasn’t allowed to look at anything on the walls.

But really the icing on the cake was being there with my friend.

Moni at HMFA (1 of 1).jpg

(Who hopefully won’t hate me for sharing this photo)

All photos Canon P and Kodak Tri-X