Springtime in Blue

Spring is in full force where I live! Warm days bookended by cool mornings and nights, sunshine, and growth exploding everywhere. The redbud tree in my backyard went from blossom to tender new leaves in a matter of days, signaling to some hidden part of me that it was time to start making cyanotypes again.

What can I say, I’m a sucker for heart shaped things.


Some of my favorite weeds are popping up again, having taken a break during the winter (although really it feels like it’s always weeds season in Texas, just like it’s always allergy season in some way). Seeing them again half-hiding in the grass was instant inspiration. I had to coat a load of fresh paper, and then after my initial flurry of photo-gramming I was surprised to realize that I already needed more.


There’s plenty of sunshine most of the year here, but I don’t seem to be as motivated to make cyanotypes when it’s cold outside. I also don’t seem to be motivated to make cyanotypes that involve a part of my body (like my hand) until it’s at least 102 degrees outside. Nobody said motivation was supposed to make sense.


Wildflowers are starting to show their happy faces all over the place. Dandelions in my backyard. (And front yard).


Buttercups near the reservoir where I go for a run. The other day when I went to check the mail I found some lovely purple flowers growing next to the road.

And, of course, bluebonnets, which are not for picking but can be kinda sorta recreated.


I’m thinking I would like to try wet cyan. I’m thinking about some plants in my neighborhood that I would like to harvest for the sake of a few prints. I’m considering playing with fabric sometime soon. Here’s wishing you a springtime that inspires you every day!