Spring Polaroid Week

I don't really consider myself an instant film person. . . . however, I certainly did enjoy spring Polaroid Week this year! Without really giving it much thought in advance, I set myself a little bit of a challenge each day (decided upon the day itself) and had a blast burning through the hoard of I type Polaroid Originals film in my fridge.

First it was a Sunday drive down a stretch of road that I am required to travel a lot more often than I would like (once every 3 months would suit me fine, but nowadays it's sadly more like twice a month).  It's a beautiful stretch of highway, and I always want to stop and photograph so many things but usually don't have the time.  This trip, I made the time, and I stopped.

Next, I challenged myself with the familiar.  This pretty much represents my daily life, since I can't seem to go much more than a couple of hours without making something, and I usually have to draw from my immediate surroundings.

Part of the familiar is my town.  I took a drive around it, seeking out things I thought the instant film might enjoy in the light.  I could claim that the diptych was intentional, but I'm really not that cool.  It was a delightful surprise when I spread out the little prints back home.

I made a trip to visit my family, and as usual everything around my hometown inspired me.  Also, we inherited a huge bag of gourds.

Fall Polaroid Week starts October 21!  I'm ready, are you?