This year so far a lot of factors have combined to keep me close to home most days.  The sky has been heavy with rain and fog more often that not; it makes this Texan long for the light, but it also makes a Texas heart happy knowing that February showers bring many, many beautiful March wildflowers!

When the sun does show its face, I am ready with my cyanotype materials.  The slightest hint of strong UV sends me running for my contact frames.  I prowl the garden for whatever I can scrounge up among the wet & decay; I pull up fresh weeds, straight from the root.  I unearth my hoard of dried botanical treasures from last year, and feathers.  I become an art scavenger.

What comes from this sun-salvaging is a whole new crop; I rarely make just one or two.  On this particular day, I even made some new wing'd women.

The Valentine's Day flowers my daughter received faded too quickly, but their life can be graciously preserved by the sun and a little cyano-magic.  Some of these will be painted and inked when the time is right.  

And of course after all of this joyful work comes another part of the process:  starting over.  A few minutes in the darkroom with my brush & chemicals means that every spare surface is covered in fresh paper waiting with me in eager anticipation of the next sunny day!

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