Open for Business!

It's a new year (ok, we are kinda well into it now, but it still has that new year smell), and it's time for some changes!  

Starting NOW, I am officially open for business.  You'll see some changes here on my website, with more to come as I put all the pieces together - there are oh so many pieces - but the gist is that me and my camera are for hire.  We want to photograph you!  We want you to be our client.  I've opened up my toolbox and dusted off my trusty DSLR, because why not use all the resources you have available?  Film or digital (or both), I am ready to photograph for you.


Portraits, parties, family, events, friends, businesses, musicians:  I would love to provide you with whatever photographs you need.  I am available in the greater Austin area and, within reason, beyond that as well.  

To help get the ball rolling, and to revitalize my portfolio, I'm offering all of my services at 50% off for a limited time.  If you book a session soon, you'll have the distinct pleasure of being one of my founding clients! 

Portfolio special photo.jpg

Please email me for more information!  I look forward to hearing from you soon.