Right now, when I think about my photography, and my life in general, I feel like this man:  standing next to the car staring at the map, with no idea where to go or what might be next.  

Road trip, 2016

Road trip, 2016

I'm pretty sure that the way I feel about all of it is completely irrelevant, and has no impact whatsoever on the outcome.  Life will send me whichever direction it chooses.  It's a time of flux and transition; a strange year, ripe with change.  I am at a point where I have reached the personal goals I set for myself, and have yet to decide on new ones.  My daughter is growing up before my eyes.  New opportunities, new directions, are coming into all of our lives, and it's a lot to process, probably too much to even try and process. 

I am looking at it, into it, trying to make some sense of my feelings, trying to seek out their source, and glean what wisdom I can from my intuition.  But really, I would probably have just as much luck with a fortune teller.  The wind is blowing.  There's no way to know what it will bring in, or take away, so the best thing to do is not worry and just roll with it.  Hope, and daily joy, lifts us up and carries us along.

All photographs Nikon F and Kodak Tri-x; all but the first one are from Georgetown, TX, during a Film Shooters Collective photowalk.