January, 2 | Instant Film Project

I am a big fan of baking.  I love the ritual of preheating the oven, hauling out the mixer, preparing the sheets.  In fact, as much as I enjoy eating cookies and cakes, I'm pretty sure that I actually enjoy the process of making them more - the ingredients, the anticipation, the joy of creation.  The same goes with my photography (although baking definitely leaves the house warmer, and with a more delightful aroma).  What excites me is the seeing, the camera work, the chemical processes, and the anticipation.  The final product is nice, but I usually don't spend very much time with it.

Instant film is something new for me, and I'm still not entirely certain how I feel about it.  My daughter is a real enthusiast; I have to make sure to keep the freezer stocked with plenty of food for her Instax Mini.  This year, possibly out of boredom, possibly just to try something new, I decided that I would embark on a daily (almost daily) project with instant film.  At first, I thought I might make a photograph of my daughter every day.  But after two days, reality brought about something different, and I expect the project to continue to evolve and change as the year goes on; maybe it won't even make it the full year.  

Each day I have been photographing pieces of home, of my day to day.  What I am looking for is rhythm.  Life.  Normal.  Or, that's what the photographs are saying to me so far.  I know that if I continue to make the pictures only at home, that many scenes will repeat - but they will still be different, with a new light, on a new day.  The secret to ongoing happiness seems to be finding contentment in your day to day, so perhaps, just maybe, these photographs will reveal a little tiny bit of that peace.

The included photographs are from the first 2 weeks.  Sometimes I write on them, sometimes I don't.  And sometimes they are really, really blurry.