Two years ago, I was surprised at my reaction to turning 38.  I found myself startled to be in my "late 30's," seemingly all of a sudden, and decided that it was time to turn my camera on myself a little bit.  What do I look like, really?  The photographer of the family is often absent from all the pictures, so I wasn't entirely sure.  I know how I see others when I am photographing them - I know that usually I am the one doing the reassuring - and I know how I think of myself.  However, I am well aware that the way we perceive ourselves can often be different from others' perceptions of us.  Having someone fall in love with me taught me that.

I will be leaving my 30's a week from today, so here I present to you a selection of self portrait work made over the past 12 months.  I can't say for certain what exactly the exercise of photographing myself taught me, mainly because I have spent very little time examining the results, but it is something I plan on continuing for one more year.

All photographs made with film, in various formats, including pinhole.