The Road

I am no vagabond.  I am very much rooted, I love my home, and all of the comfortable beautiful nest-like qualities it possesses.  After spending a decade making regular, life-altering moves (five in total), "carry me out in my casket" has become my motto when it comes to the house in which I now live.  


When I was 16 or so, I read On the Road.  Dharma Bums.  Travels with Charley.  In another life, I would have already been coast to coast at least five times by Greyhound. . . .and Amtrak. . . . and old clunky Volkswagen Bus.  It's hard for me to think about what Robert Frank and Steven Shore did without a pang of jealousy. 


What I get to do is even better, to me anyway.  I get to hit the road with my family!  The man who whose love and tolerance is a constant source of amazement to me helps with the driving.  The Most Important Thing I will Ever do rides in the back seat.  We all make memories, together.  We have our eyes and minds re-opened.  We jump on beds in motel rooms.  We live and breathe and grow, together.

Our last journey was an epic sweaty adventure across southwest Texas to Big Bend National Park.  Our next one begins the day after tomorrow, when we revisit a trip to North Carolina that I made with my love three yeas ago.  Back then, I wasn't ready to take the time to make film photographs en route.  The voyage needed to be about more than just photography.  The trip was about us, our relationship, the discoveries we made, and his family at the end of the road.  We had to hurry through cities, only taking brief glimpses, because my little girl had to be retrieved on a certain day.  Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana (best Cajun food ever and a memorable arcade bar that I long to revisit), and home to Texas in a whirlwind of eight or so days.  

This time, we make the journey together.  There will be longer stops.  The focus will be different.  Friends will be met.  And there will be film photography - lots and lots of film photography.  

What exactly will the road reveal to us?  How will what unfolds differ from our loosely made plans?  The future lays before us down a black shimmering line of asphalt.  Four new tires and a jeep full of love, and away we go!