My friend Deborah Candeub is my favorite color film photographer.  She makes images that sing with emotion & memory; it was her work that inspired me to spend a summer attempting to see color.  It was a challenge!  Harnessing color so it adds a layer of meaning to a scene is a lot more difficult for me than just harnessing light, and learning to choose the right film for the occasion was also a lengthy process, because they are certainly not all the same.  Each has its own mood and feel - different quality, different temperature, different seasons, different songs.

Debbie is one of my Film Shooters Collective sisters, as well as a member of Viewfinders, which just happens to be one of my most favorite blogs.  Every single one of their posts is a delight for the eyes and the mind. . . . so when she invited me to make a guest appearance, I was absolutely, 100% thrilled!  I am so honored to have my work featured among the great talents there.  

What I chose for my article is a selection of the very personal side of my summer project.  It's with great happiness that I am able to offer the first installment of the work here:

Please follow Viewfinders, and look up Debbie on flickr & instagram.  One look and you will understand why she is such an inspiration to me - and who knows, maybe to you as well.