I'm leading a Cyanotype Workshop!


The whole month of September has been designated as BLUE - the best kind of blue - and we want you to join in the global cyanofest.  I will demonstrate cyanotype photograms on fabric, using objects and words / images on acetate.  

What we will be making is sun prints on 6x6 inch pieces of fabric. Small objects are placed on top of the fabric and then the whole thing is placed in the sun, so what you end up with is the outline / shadow of the object. You can use trinkets, jewelry, leaves, sticks, flowers, feathers, rocks - anything that will leave the kind of shape behind that you want. You can also use thin sheets of plastic that are drawn or written on with a marker, either instead of or along with objects. This acts as a kind of "negative" on top of the fabric.

WHEN:  Saturday, September 12, 11am - 2pm

WHERE:  Atelier 95, 311 N. Main Street, Taylor, TX


  1. small objects, etc for creating with 
  2. lunch (we will take a 30 min break)

COST:   $25 per person

TO REGISTER:  Please use my contact form by Sept 1.

Come one, come all - this is a workshop for all ages!

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