World Cyanotype Day!

I might not talk about it much, but I am honored beyond belief to be a part of an incredible group of artists quietly known by the name of Shootapalooza.  We love photography of all kinds, we love art, we love life, and oh how we love experiments that bring art into people's lives!  So what are we up to?  THIS. Firing people up to make a global chain of blue so big and bright that you can see it from space.  A whole month of cyano-love, and we want you to join us!  

What can you do?  First, you can click here .  Then, you can go to facebook and join our merry band of cyanotypers, here

If you don't want to treat your own fabric (I don't), you can visit our friends at Blueprints on Fabric   They're expecting you, so please order as much as you like : )

Then all you have to do is get creating!  I've got a pack of 50 6x6 prayer flags on the way.  Will they end up with actual prayers on them?  Probably not.  But they will end up with memories, moments, joy, wishes, hopes, and dreams, all happily etched into them by the sun.  If you're looking for me, I'll be standing by the mailbox.

Want to just follow along? Here's our facebook page   

Got questions?  Please ask me!  Contact me here or through my facebook page